Strategic Thinking Training Programs

Rich Horwath will deliver the workshop at your preferred location (company headquarters, off-site meeting, conference). The program can be attended by intact teams or by mixed groups with members from different functional areas.

Which groups have found benefit in the program?

  • C-Suite & President
  • Vice Presidents & Directors
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Talent Management
  • Research & Development
  • Information Technology
  • Operations Management
  • Finance

Program Topics

Based on a discussion of your needs and assessment work, the program will be customized to include the following potential topics:

  • What is strategy?
  • Clearly defining and writing goals, objectives, strategies and tactics
  • What is strategic thinking?
  • A methodical process for strategic thinking
  • Mastering the three disciplines of strategic thinking
  • Identifying and prioritizing growth opportunities and initiatives
  • Increasing profits and productivity with the same or fewer resources
  • Tools for generating innovation and new strategic insights
  • Developing sources of unique customer value
  • Tools for assessing the current business landscape
  • How to identify a competitor’s strategic approach
  • Increasing the value of SWOT Analysis
  • Tools to move from SWOT Analysis to potential strategies
  • Developing a system of strategy at any level
  • Tools for making strategic trade-offs
  • Tools for simplifying the strategic planning process
  • Overcoming five strategy execution challenges errors
  • Tools for effectively communicating strategy
  • The importance of building think time into a leader’s day
  • Methods for increasing employee buy-in to strategies
  • Formats for monthly/quarterly strategy tune-up sessions
  • Creating strategies amidst constantly changing market dynamics

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Three Phases of Strategic Thinking Training

Skill Assessment

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Individual Assessment
  • Strategy Survey
  • Articles
  • Deep Dive/Elevate book
  • Business Review
  • Interviews

Skill Development

  • Workshops (Half-day,
    Full-Day, Multi-Day)
  • Deep Dive/Elevate workbook
  • Strategic thinking tools & templates

Skill Evolution

  • Strategy Vault Online Resource Center (Hundreds of articles, instructional videos, MP3s, templates, tools, logbook, software)
  • Strategic Thinking App
  • Webinars
  • Strategic Coaching

Rich's Deep Dive Strategic Thinking program was perfect for our needs to provide professional development on strategy. He went above and beyond to tailor his Strategic Thinking workshop to fit our business challenges. He weaved relevant tools and examples into the content and his delivery was enthusiastic and engaging. We asked for a highly relevant and interactive session - and he delivered.
Chris Bevel, Customer Experience Marketing Advisor, FedEx
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