Innovation’s Unforced Errors

One of the top issues on senior executive’s agendas is the quest to inject a bolus dose of innovation into their businesses in order to meet continually demanding growth objectives. Innovation can have the positive results of differentiation, productivity and neutralizing a competitor’s advantage. Unfortunately, research has shown that the most common result of innovation … Continue reading Innovation’s Unforced Errors

Innovation = New Value

The topic of innovation can send people in a lot of different directions. Perhaps the simplest definition of innovation is “something that provides new value to customers.” When we think about innovation as providing new value, it opens up a world of opportunities to us. And customers can be both external and internal. So innovation … Continue reading Innovation = New Value

Strategy Soprano’s Style

Last week I was in Atlanta for a television appearance on FOX TV to talk about how companies and managers can be successful in a tough economy. As I sat in the Green Room (actually only the door was green) waiting for my interview, in walked Federico Castelluccio (aka Furio, from the HBO series “The … Continue reading Strategy Soprano’s Style