Fail Your Way to…Failure

There’s growing support for the “fail fast” mantra as a means to ultimate success. In the most current edition of Businessweek, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz encapsulates this philosophy in her guest editorial. She says, “My motto is ‘fail fast forward.’ You can fail, just do it fast and move forward. I think people get better … Continue reading Fail Your Way to…Failure

The Art of Strategy

British artist Damien Hirst has his fans and his critics. What can’t be argued is his ability to differentiate himself and his work through a well-conceived strategy that has jolted the business world of art. While his art works such as “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living,” featuring a shark … Continue reading The Art of Strategy

Rattling the Competitive Cage

Feel like you’re trapped in a cage with your competitors? Too close for comfort? Clawing at each other day in and day out? Inevitable? Hardly. But you’re not alone. In 1934, Moscow University professor G. F. Gause published the results of a landmark study. He placed small animals in a bottle with an ample amount … Continue reading Rattling the Competitive Cage