Strategic Thinking Starts At the Top…Or It Doesn’t

With a flurry of activity each day, we hope to accomplish the tasks that will enable us to reach our goals. Ideally, that flurry of activity is preceded and then interspersed with strategic thinking. Thinking strategically means carving out time to consider the current context, or situation we’re in, identifying insights that will lead to … Continue reading Strategic Thinking Starts At the Top…Or It Doesn’t

Tactical Roulette

In the constant battle to keep up with the competition, managers often react immediately to other’s tactics by rolling out similar tactics of their own. Instead of thinking strategically about their next moves, they abandon the plan and step up to the wheel to play another round of tactical roulette. Their aim is to reduce … Continue reading Tactical Roulette

Do You Live Strategically?

In business, we define profit as a financial benefit that is realized when the amount of revenue gained from a business activity exceeds the expenses. Do you live a profitable life? Or, are you putting in much more than you’re gaining? Too often, we spend countless hours in work or other activities and feel frustrated because … Continue reading Do You Live Strategically?