How To Practice Business

Are you getting better at what you do? Unless you’re actively practicing the key skill sets involved in your work activities, the answer is “no.” Research with more than 3,000 human resource executives showed that senior executives receive the least amount of training, and 41 percent receive no training and development at all.  It’s ironic that … Continue reading How To Practice Business

Quiznos: From Toasty to Toast

Nothing like a nice toasted sub sandwich, called a grinder by my friends on the east coast. Quiznos built a business on it. Trouble is, when a toasted sandwich is all that stands between you and the competition, your position of toasted becomes toast. As the Wall Street Journal reported, Quiznos is preparing to file … Continue reading Quiznos: From Toasty to Toast

Fire Drills Extinguish Strategy

It’s Monday morning, you’ve developed a plan for the week based on your top 3 goals and your executing your strategies to achieve them. Then the email comes through from one of the top fire-starters in the group. There’s another emergency that the team needs to address. Everybody clear the decks and be available at … Continue reading Fire Drills Extinguish Strategy