Halloween’s Strategy Monstrosity

October 30, 2015

As the cool, white fog covers the ground on Halloween, beware the creatures lurking in the shadows of your company’s hallways. Nestled amongst the darkened offices is a single light, perhaps a candlelight, continuing to burn deep into the night. And there in that laboratory of an office, rising from the PowerPoint slides of Hell comes a creature pieced together…

Ready, Aim, Think!

October 20, 2015

We’ve all heard the phrase “Ready-Aim-Fire” as it relates to one’s approach to business. Some managers are overly reactive, so they’re constantly “firing” with no aim in sight. Other managers spend lots of time meeting and planning but can’t seem to execute. In this process visual, you’ll find a simple way to determine where you’re operating and which of the…

Top Strategy Challenges Of Managers

October 5, 2015

Rich shares the top three strategy challenges faced by most managers and how to overcome them.