Technology Company, 4,200 employees


Company did not have a consistent thinking and planning process in place and the quality of strategy differed dramatically across the organization. Desire was to create a uniform strategic thinking and planning process for the organization while at the same time, build the strategic thinking skills of its mid- and senior-level managers.


  • Create a strategic thinking & planning process that can be used year round.
  • Build an organizational competency in strategic thinking.
  • Develop middle and senior manager’s strategy skills to help them proactively set strategic direction and successfully execute strategic initiatives.


  1. Telephone interviews with a sample of mid- and senior-level executives to identify the current business context and their key challenges and issues.
  2. Creation of a five-phase strategy development process to fit with the organization’s current processes (operations & budgeting).
  3. Session pre-work included participants taking the Strategic Thinking Assessment to baseline the current level of strategic thinking among the group; completion of the Strategy Survey — a tool designed to focus executive’s thinking on the critical components of the business; and review of several cornerstone strategy articles.
  4. Development and facilitation of a two-day strategy off-site sessions for senior executives. First half-day focused on education of key strategy concepts. Remaining 1½ days of session focused on applying the strategy tools to their business in small group settings.
  5. Consultation with leaders to help them facilitate additional strategy input meetings with other groups in the organization.
  6. Customization of the StrategyPrint template to act as the organization’s business blueprint and feedback on its development.
  7. Consultation with two senior leaders to help them present the resulting strategic plan to the board of directors.
  8. Facilitation of a one-day strategy execution meeting to discuss ways to ensure the successful implementation of the strategic plan.
  9. Senior managers access to the Strategy Vault online resource center to provide them with tools and templates to develop and execute strategy throughout the year.
  10. Development of guidelines for Strategy Tune-up Sessions. The Strategy Tune-up stimulates thinking and discussion on the market, customers, competitors and the company. Leaders agreed to conduct the 2-hour Strategy Tune-ups on a monthly basis to calibrate plans as necessary.


  • Revenue increased by 17% and operating profit increased by 9% after year one of implementation.
  • Organization developed and cascaded the five-phase strategy development process through each level of leadership within 8 weeks.
  • Knowledge of strategy terms and principles increased by 42% from baseline assessment.
  • Survey of employees found that confidence in the organizations strategic direction increased by 31% after the strategy rollout phase was completed.
  • 100% of senior leaders developed StrategyPrints for their business units and were able to use them to drive daily activities in support of the key strategic initiatives.