Strategic Thinking

Kristen Porter, leader of People Talent at Intel has said, “I highly recommend Rich if you or your organization want to increase your strategic capability. Rich takes the complex topic of strategy and provides a straightforward framework and practical resources to advance strategic thinking.” Learn how Rich can help your team develop their strategic thinking capabilities to increase profits and competitive advantage.

Strategy Facilitation

During his tenure as president at Wonderlic, David Hammond commented: “Rich’s perspectives, his gift for facilitation, and his practical working models and exercises led our team through some invaluable dialogue about our business. We emerged from our time with Rich with a shared understanding of strategic vision, a desire to engage in necessary allocation conversations, a clearer understanding of our position within our competitive set, and a set of tools that will serve as living strategy documents.” Learn how Rich can help your team navigate the strategy process to develop clear and confident strategic direction.

Strategic Coaching

While leading the sales and marketing teams for the popular national brand Carmex, executive vice president Mike Pietsch said, “Rich Horwath does an exceptional job of quickly understanding your business and then applying the most effective and efficient strategic tools to add significant value to the organization. I would very much recommend Rich to any leader that is looking to improve their strategic thinking, planning and execution to help enhance both top and bottom line. His Strategic Coaching was a great experience!!” Learn how Rich can help you enhance your strategic leadership capabilities in a one-to-one experience.

Keynote Speeches

Following his keynote speech at a national conference to more than 5,000 leaders, Dennis Buster, CEO of MyDirectLine said, “Rich was the most effective speaker at the Conference. He is smart, focused, warm, connecting and stimulating. The room was electric during his talk. If you had been responsible for the success of this conference, and if every scheduled speaker had fallen overboard the day before it started, and if you had only one rope, you would have saved him first.”