Accelerate your executive team’s strategic capability development by engaging in a live workshop where your leaders discuss and apply strategy tools to their real-world business issues.

The workshops offered by the Strategic Thinking Institute are based on proprietary content from the bestselling books on strategic thinking, planning, and execution. These customized workshops can be conducted at your offices or an off-site location and are typically a half-, one- or two-day experience. Prior to the workshop, your team will go through several assessments to ensure that the program content is tailored to the group’s needs.

Here is a list of the most popular workshops:

  • Deep Dive on Your Business
  • Be Strategic or Be Gone: Strategic Thinking for Competitive Advantage
  • Elevate: Advanced Strategic Capabilities for Executive Leadership Teams
  • Creating Better Meetings and Teleconferences
  • Competitive Strategy to Win Your Market
  • Evolving Your Business Model for Sustained Success
  • Facilitating Strategy Conversations with Colleagues and Customers
  • Innovative Thinking: Techniques & Tools for Creating New Value

A study conducted by neuroscience researchers found that a training session alone increased productivity up to 28%, but the addition of follow-up resources to the training increased productivity by 88%. The Strategic Thinking Institute has created more than 200 resources to follow up the live workshop and sustain your team’s learnings throughout the year. These resources include two full years of weekly microlearning content, online courses, and a knowledge center with white papers, videos, podcasts, infographics, and training cards.

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