Strategic Thinking Can Smash Silos

Whether you work in a company with 10 employees or 10,000, there’s a good chance you have structures used for the bulk storage of grain, coal, or wood chips, commonly referred to as silos. For more than one thousand years, silos have been an effective method of containing and protecting valued materials. Silos are good at keeping … Continue reading Strategic Thinking Can Smash Silos

Quiznos: From Toasty to Toast

Nothing like a nice toasted sub sandwich, called a grinder by my friends on the east coast. Quiznos built a business on it. Trouble is, when a toasted sandwich is all that stands between you and the competition, your position of toasted becomes toast. As the Wall Street Journal reported, Quiznos is preparing to file … Continue reading Quiznos: From Toasty to Toast

Strategy Camp

As a young boy, all my friends went to a beautiful wooded summer camp where they swam, shot arrows and frolicked. Being highly allergic to frolic, I was sent to strategy camp instead. One night around a bonfire roasting spinach and tofu on sticks, the strategist-in-training camp counselor wearing a tan short-sleeved dress shirt, plaid shorts, black socks … Continue reading Strategy Camp