Elevate Your Thinking

When you hear the word strategy, what comes to mind? For many managers, the word strategy means gigantic PowerPoint decks and overstuffed 3-ring binders collecting dust. Great strategy doesn’t come from an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint deck. Great strategy comes from great strategists. The word innovation is most commonly associated with a cool new technology … Continue reading Elevate Your Thinking

Quiznos: From Toasty to Toast

Nothing like a nice toasted sub sandwich, called a grinder by my friends on the east coast. Quiznos built a business on it. Trouble is, when a toasted sandwich is all that stands between you and the competition, your position of toasted becomes toast. As the Wall Street Journal reported, Quiznos is preparing to file … Continue reading Quiznos: From Toasty to Toast

Strategy Spring Training: Part 2

2. Barometer. Imagine the following: you make an appointment to see your doctor after several weeks of worsening cold and flu symptoms. The doctor finally enters the exam room and you exchange a few pleasantries. However, she doesn’t ask you any questions or take any tests. She writes a prescription, hands it to you, and leaves. … Continue reading Strategy Spring Training: Part 2

Will You Be Lunch?

Business strategy is defined as the intelligent allocation of limited resources through a unique system of activities to outperform the competition in serving customers. Nestled in the middle of the definition, this idea of differentiation is perhaps the most overlooked tenet of strategy. Differentiation for competitive advantage in business has its roots in science. In … Continue reading Will You Be Lunch?

Defender, Challenger or Spectator?

A condition is a situation with respect to circumstances. The term condition can be applied to a number of different arenas, from medicine (What is the patient’s condition?) to sports (What are the conditions of the golf course?). Before a physician prescribes a course of treatment for the patient, she will first want to understand … Continue reading Defender, Challenger or Spectator?