Do You Have New Direction for the New Year?

January 10, 2019

“Clarity of direction, which includes describing what we are going after as well as describing what we will not be going after, is exceedingly important at the late stage of a strategic transformation.” Andrew Grove, former CEO, Intel Think back to when you were a kid. Can you recall a time when you got lost? Maybe it was at the…

Does Your Company Collaborate or Will it Disintegrate?

June 4, 2018

The colossal collapse of Sony in portable music and Nokia in mobile phones was directly caused by their failure to collaborate internally. Do you understand the goals and strategies of your colleagues in other functional areas? In this 4-minute video, Rich provides three practical principles to help your team strategically collaborate with one another.

Innovative Thinking for Real-World Results

May 2, 2016

“To not innovate is to die,” remarked Apple CEO Tim Cook. At first blush, that sounds a little melodramatic. After all, many companies don’t do a whole lot of innovating and they’re doing just fine. Fine is one of those words that’s supposed to have a positive connotation, but more often than not, carries with it an underlying sense of…

Key Reasons Why Strategies Fail

November 23, 2015

Rich shares the secrets of why strategies fail and what you can do to prevent them

The Three Disciplines of Strategic Thinking

November 9, 2015

Rich explains how to develop a strategic thinking mindset and transform strategy from an annual event into a daily habit.

The Five Myths Of Strategy

November 2, 2015

Good strategy is at the core of any business. In this podcast Rich discusses five strategy myths prevalent in many organizations.

Strategy’s Success Can Start With Taboo

September 3, 2015

I recently led a strategic thinking and planning program with a Fortune 500 company. During the Value Mining exercise in which the group explored new areas to deliver value to customers, one idea was met with the comment, “That’s taboo around here.” Others agreed, but a few asked the question, “Why?” We then discussed other ideas that were traditionally taboo:…

Zombies in the Conference Room

November 5, 2014

When you get around to your annual strategic planning process, do you feel like one of the extras in a zombie-apocalypse movie? Looking around the room, you notice the enthusiasm being sucked out of the group. A half-hearted SWOT analysis reveals a too-long laundry list of exactly what the group already knew and nobody actually does anything with it. Then…

Strategy or Saturday’s To-Do List

September 26, 2014

Fall is a wonderful time of year to get things done around the house. With the workweek behind, Saturday morning is the perfect place to start. Hanging on the refrigerator or sitting on the counter in the laundry room is sure to be your to-do list. It might include tasks like raking leaves, cleaning out the garage, and fixing the…