Feed Your Business

For those of you with pets, here’s an experiment. Try feeding them just once this year. Before you call PETA, hear me out. Our yellow lab “Breeze” moves into the kitchen around dinner time and lays her head down, perfectly portraying the pity of a dog needing her food. And each night right around 6 … Continue reading Feed Your Business

Strategic Thinker or Strategyless?

Here’s a quick quiz you can share with folks in your group to see how strategic people are (answers follow the quiz): 1. At the heart of business strategy is: A. The intelligent allocation of limited resources. B. Distributing resources across all potential growth opportunities. C. Working to be better and faster than the competition. 2. Successful business … Continue reading Strategic Thinker or Strategyless?

Business Halftime: Adjustment #3

Halftime Adjustment #3: Decisions Once a football coach has assessed the current context, evaluated the success and impact of behaviors, they must then make decisions for the second half. Do I stay with the starting quarterback or switch to the backup? Should we change the defensive scheme to put more bodies on the line and … Continue reading Business Halftime: Adjustment #3

So What Exactly is Strategy?

I’ve heard a number of clever academicians say that strategy can’t be defined, it can only be studied on a case by case basis after the fact. Bull. I define strategy as the intelligent allocation of limited resources through a unique system of activities to outperform the competition in serving customers. No, I didn’t get … Continue reading So What Exactly is Strategy?