Feed Your Business

For those of you with pets, here’s an experiment. Try feeding them just once this year. Before you call PETA, hear me out. Our yellow lab “Breeze” moves into the kitchen around dinner time and lays her head down, perfectly portraying the pity of a dog needing her food. And each night right around 6 … Continue reading Feed Your Business

Strategy Camp

As a young boy, all my friends went to a beautiful wooded summer camp where they swam, shot arrows and frolicked. Being highly allergic to frolic, I was sent to strategy camp instead. One night around a bonfire roasting spinach and tofu on sticks, the strategist-in-training camp counselor wearing a tan short-sleeved dress shirt, plaid shorts, black socks … Continue reading Strategy Camp

Strategy Spring Training: Part 1

Major League Baseball’s annual spring training means the welcoming back of warmer weather, the smell of freshly mown grass and another year of the Chicago Cubs not winning the World Series. Men making millions of dollars a year, the best in the world, invest approximately six weeks to refresh on the basic skills of the … Continue reading Strategy Spring Training: Part 1

Tactical Roulette

In the constant battle to keep up with the competition, managers often react immediately to other’s tactics by rolling out similar tactics of their own. Instead of thinking strategically about their next moves, they abandon the plan and step up to the wheel to play another round of tactical roulette. Their aim is to reduce … Continue reading Tactical Roulette