Book Smart…or Not So Smart

Borders filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week (“Borders Begins a New Chapter…11“). The reasons ranged from price battles with internet retailers like to carrying too much debt. But the real problem was a lack of strategy. Like so many other companies that experience early success and then falter, Borders failed to evolve … Continue reading Book Smart…or Not So Smart

“Dear Strategy Guy”

February’s combination of snowdrifts and Valentine’s Day seems like the appropriate time to respond to some of the most pressing reader letters regarding strategy. So here goes: Dear Strategy Guy: The SVP of our Division requires us to fill out a 40-slide PowerPoint template, which we then turn into a 20-page written strategic plan. Problem … Continue reading “Dear Strategy Guy”

Are You Competitive?

Are you outperforming your competition? If an avalanche of excuses is the first thing that comes to mind, then the answer is most likely no. When it comes to market share, revenue, profits, new sales, or other key metrics, at some point your level of competitiveness must be honestly assessed. A Wall Street Journal article … Continue reading Are You Competitive?