Advance Your Team’s Strategic Thinking Capabilities Before It’s Too Late

Research shows the #1 cause of business failure is bad strategy and only 3 out of 10 managers are strong at strategic thinking. The Strategic Thinking Institute is the worldwide leader in strategic thinking development with more than 200 resources to help your team improve business acumen, set direction, grow profits, and create competitive advantage. Be strategic…or be gone.

The world’s foremost expert on strategic thinking.
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Strategic Thinking


  • No common language and understanding of strategy
  • Lack of strategic thinking: stuck in the tactical weeds
  • Reactive fire fighting and too many priorities

Strategy Facilitation


  • Meetings are tactical and unproductive
  • Silos preventing collaboration and alignment
  • Unclear direction and people not on the same page

Strategic Coaching


  • Lack of ongoing strategic development for executives
  • Need for an unbiased external sounding board
  • Enhance leadership profile with true strategy expertise

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I highly recommend Rich if you or your organization want to increase your strategic capability. Rich takes the complex topic of strategy and provides a straightforward framework and practical resources to advance strategic thinking."

Kristin Porter, People Talent, Intel

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