Research with 250,000 executives shows the most important role of a leader is setting direction. To set clear direction requires you to continually enhance your thinking and planning, which is where executive coaching and strategic counsel can be of great value.

As a senior leader, do you face any of these challenges?

  • “I want to become a better leader and would like high-level content that’s customized to my specific needs.”
  • “I would like to have an expert strategy coach to brainstorm big ideas, think out loud with, and be a sounding board for important decisions.”
  • “I could benefit from a more structured approach to my professional development and new tools to help my team think strategically about the future of the business.”
  • “I want to be fully prepared to navigate the business to ensure I’m not missing improvement possibilities and give my business the best opportunity to achieve our goals.”

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Overview of the Strategic Executive Coaching Process

  • Introductory conversation to gain an understanding of your situation and specific needs
  • Completion of the Strategic Executive Survey to provide an in-depth view of your approach to the business
  • Identification of business issues and developmental areas of focus
  • Monthly interactions via video, phone, email, and in-person to discuss issues and review work
  • Executive Coaching engagements are structured in 6-month or 12-month blocks

Benefits of Engaging in Executive Coaching With Rich

  • Customized strategic leadership development coaching sessions using select tools from more than 100 proprietary resources included in the Strategic Executive System
  • Enables you to confidently set direction and minimize risk because you can discuss your key business issues and plans with one of the top strategic thinking and planning experts in the world
  • Allows for honest, objective feedback and gives you a safe harbor to “think out loud”
  • Continuous source of insights to help you achieve your business goals

Executive Coaching Results – A Case Study

See how we’ve provided executive development coaching and counsel to leaders like you

The Strategic Executive System

Navigate your business and develop your strategic capabilities.

“The most important role of a leader is setting strategic direction.”

McKinsey & Co. study of 250,000 executives

“Have a strategic approach to the business is 10x more important to the perception of a leader’s effectiveness than any other behavior.”

Management Research Group study of 60,000 executives

The Strategic Executive System includes more than 100 tools to help you stay on top of your business and develop your strategic leadership capabilities. The system is accessed by Rich in his coaching work with leaders and can also be licensed by executive coaches looking for a vast platform of content to use with their clients.

Strategic Approach System

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“The Strategic Executive System”

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“What’s Your Strategic Approach?”

The process begins with an 80-question assessment to identify areas of strength and areas of development. In addition to the 100+ tools, the system also includes a Video Vault with dozens of instructional videos on how to use the tools in depth. It also houses the digital Strategist Journal, a system for structuring an executive’s strategic thinking and planning and a repository for their ongoing insights.

For executive coaches, you will receive access to the assessment, system web site, and a 25-page Coach’s Guide to help you select the appropriate developmental exercises for your clients based on their assessments.

Great leaders including Steve Jobs (Apple), Meg Whitman (eBay), Alan Mulally (Ford), Sara Blakely (Spanx), and Eric Schmidt (Google) all worked with an external coach/advisor.

Executive Coaching engagements are structured in 6- and 12-month blocks.

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