Differentiation Demands Strategic Thinking

Every product and service can be differentiated. Capitulating to a “me-too” mindset is weak and unforgiving in the market. Learn why “better” doesn’t exist and what customers really want to know from you.

Strategic Thinking for CIOs

Never before has the power of technology been more important to a company’s long-term success. Technology is providing a digital infrastructure for efficient processes, deepening customer relationships, and transforming business-as-usual into a dynamic, mobile and interactive experience. The IT leaders of today champion technology’s role in the enterprise and strive to enhance the organization’s profitability … Continue reading Strategic Thinking for CIOs

April Fools’ Strategy

In an effort to improve mankind, or at least the state of business strategy, I hereby declare April 1 Strategy Fools’ Day. We are hijacking the day of hoaxes and harmless pranks to shine a light on the well-intentioned, but misguided and misinformed attempts to create, communicate and execute strategy. So here is a condensed … Continue reading April Fools’ Strategy