People like to make strategy complex. I don’t. It’s essence is as simple as a Dr. Seuss book:

I am strategic. Strategic I am.
Do you like to think strategically?

I do not like to think strategically,
not in an office
not in a tree.

It’s more fun to think tactically,
stuff I can touch,
stuff I can see.

I do not like to think strategically,
I haven’t the time
to be so leisurely.

Setting good plans, I’ll leave to others.
Gotta check my Blackberry.
Even in bed, under the covers.

I do not like to think strategically.
Growing business and beating competitors,
simply isn’t for me.

10th place in the market isn’t so bad,
especially when you consider,
it’s the best we’ve ever had.

No, I do not like to think strategically,
I prefer the adrenaline rush,
of mindless reactivity.

You do not like to think strategically,
so you say.
Try it, try it and you may.

Say! I do like to think strategically.
In the office and conference room too,
new ideas and insights are clearly in view.

While others around me only fight fires,
I’m focusing my resources,
taking the business higher.

I’ve scheduled time, just to think.
Now my goals and strategies,
are in perfect sync.

I do so like to think strategically,
creating differentiated value
my customers can clearly see.

Thank you, thank you!

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