A study of 60,000 executives showed that having a strategic approach to the business was 10x more important than any other leadership behavior studied. When you consider the strengths and areas of improvement for your executive team, what improvements can be made in their strategic thinking and strategic planning capabilities?

The Strategic Side: Being Strategic

Help your team develop their strategic thinking and planning capabilities through executive leadership team workshops and individual strategic coaching. Explore the following strategy workshop topics and more than 200 resources to build your team’s strategic thinking and planning capabilities.

  • Deep Dive: Developing Your Team’s Strategic Direction
  • What is Strategy? Creating a Common Language and Understanding
  • Sharpening Your Strategic Thinking & Planning Skills
  • Elevate: Advanced Strategic Thinking and Planning for Executives
  • Competitive Strategy to Win in Your Market
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Leading Strategy Conversations with Colleagues and Customers
  • Innovative Thinking: Tools & Techniques for Creating New Value for Customers

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