Please select one answer for each question

  1. The plan is updated with new insights throughout the year to remain relevant.
  2. The plan clearly identifies a limited number of priorities so we have extreme focus and are not spreading our resources too thin.
  3. The plan drives my daily activities.
  4. The plan is a concise summary of the factors that will make or break the business.
  5. The plan includes insights in all four key areas: market, customers, competitors, and company.
  6. The plan includes input from people in other relevant functional areas.
  7. The plan provides a clear road map for reaching our goals.
  8. The plan shows time frames, metrics, and accountabilities.
  9. The plan is reviewed at least once a month by the team and modified accordingly.
  10. The plan includes clearly stated goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics.
  11. The plan is distilled into 1-2 pages/slides so it is useable.
  12. The plan shows how we will achieve competitive advantage in our market.
  13. The plan has helped us profitably grow the business.
  14. The plan clearly links our goals (what we're trying to achieve) with our strategies (how we will achieve them).
  15. The plan includes our purpose (mission, vision, values).
  16. The plan is developed after strategic thinking and planning sessions so it includes new strategies and tactics, not just ones recycled from the previous year.
  17. The plan includes a thorough assessment of our competitor’s strategies, not just their products and services.
  18. The plan communicates the strategies in a simple way that is easy for others to understand.
  19. The plan has been an important part of our business success in the past.
  20. The plan clearly identifies a winning and differentiated value proposition.