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This survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and needs to be submitted in one sitting.

Strategy Fitness

  1. Our organization has a consistent definition and common language for strategy.
  2. I use a 1-2 page condensed strategic action plan to direct my work.
  3. I reallocate my resources from underperforming areas of the business to areas with greater performance.
  4. Decision rights are clear throughout the business—everyone understands who ultimately owns each decision.
  5. Our team reviews the competitive landscape and key insights on competitors are recorded and shared.

Leadership Fitness

  1. I identify and utilize my leadership values to guide my behaviors and decisions.
  2. I actively assess what’s happening in my business situation.
  3. I practice the 2-3 skills most important to my business success.
  4. I take time to reflect/meditate on a daily basis.
  5. I multitask (e.g., check my phone) when engaged in meetings.

Organization Fitness

  1. The company’s mission, vision, and values influence my decisions.
  2. We allow fire drills (urgent but unimportant issues) to distract us from our priorities.
  3. I invest time each month thinking about the future state of my business.
  4. I use innovative thinking techniques to create new value for those I serve.
  5. We have a formal process or forum for sharing insights within the organization.

Communication Fitness

  1. My direct reports provide me with a written business update prior to our one-on-one meetings.
  2. The business reviews I’m involved in are interactive dialogues and not didactic monologues.
  3. At the end of meetings, insights are recorded, and action items are assigned.
  4. Our team assess all meetings at least annually to determine whether they should be continued, modified, or eliminated.
  5. Strategy conversations stay at a high level to cover the important issues and don’t devolve into the tactical weeds of the business.