Those headwinds, they are a blow’in

Good people of the business world, take cover! No, it’s not a tsunami, or hurricane or even a tropical storm. It’s the new scapegoat: headwinds. In a Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Sprint Loses More Customers,” Sprint Nextel CFO Joseph Euteneuer said, “We faced a number of competitive headwinds that became more pronounced in the … Continue reading Those headwinds, they are a blow’in

Devo Differentiates It Good!

If you’ve ever dreamt of men wearing red flower pots on their heads, you’ve probably seen a Devo video. Harken back to 1980 and their hit “Whip It,” and you can see and hear why they stood out from the crowd. Fast forward to present day and they’re still standing out, sans flower pots. In … Continue reading Devo Differentiates It Good!