April Fools’ Strategy

In an effort to improve mankind, or at least the state of business strategy, I hereby declare April 1 Strategy Fools’ Day. We are hijacking the day of hoaxes and harmless pranks to shine a light on the well-intentioned, but misguided and misinformed attempts to create, communicate and execute strategy. So here is a condensed … Continue reading April Fools’ Strategy

Strategic Thinking Starts At the Top…Or It Doesn’t

With a flurry of activity each day, we hope to accomplish the tasks that will enable us to reach our goals. Ideally, that flurry of activity is preceded and then interspersed with strategic thinking. Thinking strategically means carving out time to consider the current context, or situation we’re in, identifying insights that will lead to … Continue reading Strategic Thinking Starts At the Top…Or It Doesn’t

Those headwinds, they are a blow’in

Good people of the business world, take cover! No, it’s not a tsunami, or hurricane or even a tropical storm. It’s the new scapegoat: headwinds. In a Wall Street Journal article entitled, “Sprint Loses More Customers,” Sprint Nextel CFO Joseph Euteneuer said, “We faced a number of competitive headwinds that became more pronounced in the … Continue reading Those headwinds, they are a blow’in


An article entitled “As Big Boxes Shrink, They Also Rethink,” was published this week in the Wall Street Journal describing the move by retailers to downsize stores. Perhaps the need to rethink wouldn’t be so significant now if they had taken the time to actually think in the first place. One of the surest signs … Continue reading Rethink

Are You Competitive?

Are you outperforming your competition? If an avalanche of excuses is the first thing that comes to mind, then the answer is most likely no. When it comes to market share, revenue, profits, new sales, or other key metrics, at some point your level of competitiveness must be honestly assessed. A Wall Street Journal article … Continue reading Are You Competitive?

The “Other” Strategists

When it comes to developing business strategy, we often leave that up to the business people. But what about the “others?” You know, the folks in technical areas critical to an organization’s success. These are the people with expertise in areas such as research & development, clinical development and information technology. Do they need to … Continue reading The “Other” Strategists

“What’s the Plan, Stan?”: Step 4 in Resource Allocation

After a determination has been made where resources should be allocated to provide the greatest differentiated value to customers, a plan for leading and monitoring the execution is needed. An article published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday entitled “Strategic Plans Lose Favor,” discussed how the traditional strategic plan is becoming obsolete. Any strategic plan … Continue reading “What’s the Plan, Stan?”: Step 4 in Resource Allocation