Great strategy doesn’t magically appear from PowerPoint decks. Great strategy is developed by great strategists.

Are you and your team prepared to develop great strategy?

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Rich has facilitated strategy workshops with executive teams for more than 20 years to increase their strategic thinking and planning skills to set clear direction, create competitive advantage, and achieve their goals.

Here’s how:


  • Interviews with leadership
  • Organizational assessment
  • Strategic Quotient (SQ) Assessment
  • Strategy Survey
  • White papers & book chapters
  • Videos


  • Virtual or live, highly interactive
  • Workshop materials include the bestselling books on strategic thinking, workbooks, and templates
  • 90-minutes, half-day, one-day, or multi-day
  • Customized topics to your team’s needs

Post-Workshop Sustainability

  • Strategy Espresso Microlearning Series
    (1- or 2-year options)
  • Individual or small group executive coaching
  • Strategist Journal (guide for future strategic thinking)
  • League of Strategists Resource Center
    (digital hub of 200+ resources)
  • Online video-based courses

Strategic Direction Case Study

See how we’ve created strategy workshops for teams like yours

Popular Workshop Topics

  • Deep Dive Strategy Process: Setting Strategic Direction for Your Business
  • Business Model Evolution: Thinking and Planning for the Future State
  • Developing Strategic Thinking & Planning Skills
  • Prioritization and Resource Allocation Through Strategic Trade-Offs
  • Strategy Skills for Marketing, Sales, & Account Mgt. Teams
  • Clarifying Decision Rights and Increasing Delegation
  • Leading Strategy Conversations with Colleagues and Customers
  • Creating Differentiated Strategies for Competitive Advantage
  • Strategic Innovation to Create New Value for Customers
  • Launch Excellence: Planning for New Market Entries

Benefits of engaging in strategic workshops:

  • Leaders who can think, plan, and act strategically
  • Clear and concise strategic direction that unifies the team
  • Effective and efficient strategy conversations
  • Expert strategic sounding board with no internal politics
  • Practical and engaging strategic capability development
  • Common understanding and language for strategy
  • Skills that create profitable growth and competitive advantage

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