As the cool, white fog covers the ground on Halloween, beware the creatures lurking in the shadows of your company’s hallways. Nestled amongst the darkened offices is a single light, perhaps a candlelight, continuing to burn deep into the night. And there in that laboratory of an office, rising from the PowerPoint slides of Hell … Continue reading Frankenstrategy

CEO = Chief Strategic Thinker

In the past week, two new CEOs have been appointed to premier companies. The one thing their appointments have in common: they key characteristic used to describe them or their predecessor was “strategic thinker.” H-P brought in Leo Apotheker to take the place of Mark Hurd, who resigned this summer for not having a sexual … Continue reading CEO = Chief Strategic Thinker

Strategy and Tactics

The two terms “strategy” and “tactics” are misused, confused and abused in many different ways. The difference between strategy and tactics is often described as “strategy is long-term and tactics are short-term.” While the two terms may adopt these characteristics at certain times, this is an inaccurate and incomplete way of explaining their meanings. Strategy … Continue reading Strategy and Tactics