Strategy Camp

As a young boy, all my friends went to a beautiful wooded summer camp where they swam, shot arrows and frolicked. Being highly allergic to frolic, I was sent to strategy camp instead. One night around a bonfire roasting spinach and tofu on sticks, the strategist-in-training camp counselor wearing a tan short-sleeved dress shirt, plaid shorts, black socks … Continue reading Strategy Camp

Different vs. Better

In a world where people strive to be the best at what they do, we often lose sight of the fact that there is no “best” when it comes to products and services. There is no best car. There is no best restaurant. There is no best hotel. The concept of “best” or “better” is … Continue reading Different vs. Better

The “Yes” Leader is Killing You

During the past few years, many companies have made it clear to their people that they must follow the adage, “Do more with less.” Layoffs and firings have reduced many departments to skeletal staffs where fewer people are expected to accomplish the same amount of work that larger teams accomplished in the past. This may … Continue reading The “Yes” Leader is Killing You