The Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action

“Deep Dive is the best book I’ve ever read on strategic thinking and planning. When I think about your rules and tools vs. a comparable book like Good to Great from Jim Collins, which I enjoyed, I find Deep Dive to be much more practical.” 

Frank Harritt, founder, Diabetes Self-Defense

The inability to set good strategy can sink a company and a leader’s career. A recent Wall Street Journal study revealed that the most sought-after executive skill is strategic thinking, but only three out of 10 managers have this skill set.

Deep Dive provides you with the three keys to strategic thinking, breaks them down into simple, attainable skills, and gives you practical tools to apply them every day. Through this strategic thinking book, you’ll master three disciplines:

  • Acumen: generate critical insights through a step-by-step evaluation of your business and its environment
  • Allocation: focus your limited resources through strategic trade-offs
  • Action: implement a system to guarantee effective execution of strategy at all levels of your organization

In this book, you will learn how to:

  1. Think strategically on a daily, not yearly, basis to generate new ideas.
  2. Develop a common understanding and toolkit for strategy.
  3. Create differentiated strategy to grow profits.
  4. Improve strategic decision making to increase productivity.
  5. Discover new sources for generating business innovation.
  6. Overcome five execution errors to successfully implement strategy.
  7. Design a one-page blueprint to guide daily business activities.
  8. Confidently set strategic direction to maintain competitive advantage.
  9. Align and communicate strategy with the rest of the organization.
  10. Outthink and outperform the competition on a consistent basis.

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