Being Strategic

May 5, 2022

A study of 60,000 executives showed that having a strategic approach to the business was 10x more important than any other leadership behavior studied. When you consider the strengths and areas of improvement for your executive team, what improvements can be made in their strategic thinking and strategic planning capabilities? Help your team develop their strategic thinking and planning capabilities…

Winning the Mental Game

February 7, 2022

“The physical aspect of the sport can only take you so far. In the Olympic Games, everyone is talented. Everyone trains hard. Everyone does the work. What separates the gold medalists from the silver medalists is simply the mental game.” Shannon Miller, U.S. Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Does your mind at work feel like a business pinata, minus the candy…

5 Strategy Traps to Avoid

January 20, 2022

For many managers, the word strategy conjures up thoughts of gigantic PowerPoint decks, binders collecting dust and general confusion. A survey by Roger Martin of the Rotman School of Management found that 67 percent of managers believe their organization is bad at developing strategy. Harvard Business School professor David Collis is even more direct: “It’s a dirty little secret: Most executives…

The Deep Dive Strategic Thinking Framework

June 7, 2017

According to four separate studies on leadership, the #1 most valued skill in leaders today is strategic thinking. But only 3 out of every 10 managers is strategic. Learn how to make strategy a part of each day by using the Deep Dive Strategic Thinking Framework.  

Feed Your Business

February 4, 2016

For those of you with pets, here’s an experiment. Try feeding them just once this year. Before you call PETA, hear me out. Our yellow lab “Breeze” moves into the kitchen around dinner time and lays her head down, perfectly portraying the pity of a dog needing her food. And each night right around 6 p.m., she gets her food….