At dinner recently, my six-year old son Luke said, “Dad, Kristy in my class said she wants to marry me. Then she said she loves me. I don’t want her to love me.”

“Well, how do you feel about Kristy?”

“Dad, I want to destroy her.”

Now, if we think back through our past, my guess is most of us have an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend where the thought of “destroy” isn’t too far off. But future counseling for my son aside, we tend to have this same love/hate relationship with strategy. On the one hand we know it’s crucial to our success. On the other hand, we don’t want to have to add it to an already crowded “to-do” list.

The answer is strategic thinking. Strategic thinking is using a new lens to view our business. It’s not about adding more work. It’s about enhancing our view of the work and improving our ability to perform it. We can create this lens by continually introducing concepts, tools and frameworks that give us new ways to think strategically about our business.

What new concepts, tools and frameworks have you introduced in the past six months that have helped your group think strategically about their business?

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