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StrategyMan vs. The Anti-Strategy Squad

Using Strategic Thinking to Defeat Bad Strategy and Save Your Plan

Winner: Best Strategy Book of the Year (Axiom Business Book Awards)

What happens when a superhero comic book and a strategy textbook collide?

New research shows the #1 most important leadership capability for executives is strategic thinking. StrategyMan uses an engaging story format to provide dozens of proven strategic thinking and planning frameworks, tools, and techniques to help you and your team generate new insights, create strategies, and set clear direction.

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Strategic Thinking Skill Development

For: Senior Leaders


The Three Disciplines of Advanced Strategic Thinking

Is your team in need of techniques to elevate their thinking out of the tactical weeds of the business?

Research shows that only 25% of managers believe their companies are good at both strategy and innovation. Innovation is the continual hunt for new value; strategy is ensuring we configure resources in the best way possible to develop and deliver that value. By becoming an elite strategic thinker, a leader is better prepared to fuse strategy and innovation into competitive advantage. Elevate provides a road map and dozens of practical tools for senior leaders to maximize their strategic leadership potential.



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For: Leaders and Individual Contributors

Deep Dive

The Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources, and Taking Smart Action

Do you have a framework to think strategically on a regular basis?

To improve any skill, you need to practice in a thoughtful way on a regular basis.

Deep Dive provides a proven practice plan to develop your strategic thinking and planning skills in order to set strategic direction, allocate resources through trade-offs, and prioritize the important versus the urgent. Deep Dive is considered the gold standard in strategic thinking education.



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For: Personal Strategy Development

Strategy for You

Building a Bridge to the Life You Want

Do you have a strategy for your life?

New research shows that only 15% of adults have a written plan for their life. Do you? Strategy for You provides a 5-step plan for helping you apply the principles of business strategy to all aspects of your life in order to realize your goals and live strategically.



Online Course

For: Sustainable Strategy Skill Development

Strategy Espresso Microlearning Series

To develop any skill, you need deliberate practice over an extended period of time. The Strategy Espresso Microlearning Series provides up to two years of weekly practice to develop your strategic capabilities.

For: Access to 100+ Strategy Skill Resources

League of Strategists Resource Center

The League of Strategists Resource Center is a digital hub containing hundreds of strategic thinking and planning resources in the form of articles, podcasts, videos, infographics, a Strategist Journal, and a glossary to ensure you have a constant stream of developmental content.