A company’s annual conference, whether it be for marketing, sales, or a new product launch, is an amazing opportunity to create real dialogue on key business issues across the organization. Unfortunately, the majority of these meetings are 80 percent presentation and 20 percent conversation. The dog and pony show meetings have to go. While it may seem like a good idea to do a 45-90 minute monologue in front of the group, it typically doesn’t translate into a valuable experience. However, when you flip the ratio: 80 percent conversation and 20 percent presentation, you have the recipe for generating truly remarkable insights. Below is an excerpt from the business strategy graphic novel, StrategyMan vs. The Anti-Strategy Squad that exemplifies some of these challenges. Frank, the Vice President of Sales, begins by introducing the keynote speaker, Dr. Yes. Little does Frank know, Dr. Yes is the leader of the Anti-Strategy Squad, and there to help carry out the villains’ mission of strategycide on the company’s strategic plan. Enjoy.

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