The Organizational Lobotomy

How many of us have a neatly typed strategic plan in a three-ring binder sitting on a shelf gathering dust? No? Liars! I’ve asked this question at a number of the conferences I’ve spoken at recently and more than half the people sheepishly raise their hands. In talking with folks afterwards, it seems that most … Continue reading The Organizational Lobotomy

Cash-for-Clunkers or Paris Hilton?

The cash-for-clunkers scheme by the government to stimulate the economy reminds me of Paris Hilton. Looks good at first but after a while you’re asking yourself, “Is that it?” Cash-for-clunkers is like putting a kid’s Scooby-Doo Band-Aid on the gaping hole in the hull of the Titanic. It’s a typical political ploy that’s all frosting … Continue reading Cash-for-Clunkers or Paris Hilton?

The Million-Dollar Oops

Take a close look at your organization’s strategy. Is it truly a strategy? Or is it a goal masquerading as a strategy? When Yahoo and Microsoft announced their web-search deal, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said, “Our strategy as a company is growing audience and enhancing our display-advertising business. That is what really makes sense.” What … Continue reading The Million-Dollar Oops

Intellectual Does Not Equal Strategic

The recent arrest of a black Harvard University professor on disorderly conduct charges at the scholar’s home by a white police officer in Massachusetts highlights the fact that being intellectual does not always equate with being strategic. President Obama, arguably one of the brightest presidents in American history, immediately came out with a statement saying … Continue reading Intellectual Does Not Equal Strategic

Knowing Which End Is Up

Imagine this: you’re sitting in your physician’s office and she walks in, takes one look at you, scribbles out a prescription and says, “Take one of these a day and call me in a week.” You reply, “But you didn’t even ask me any questions or give me any tests.” She responds, “I gave these … Continue reading Knowing Which End Is Up

Position…or Be Positioned

What is your offering’s position in the market? Actually, what you think is not important, so strike that question. What place in your customers’ mind does your offering own? The answer to that question is important.  While it is ultimately the customer’s perception that determines your position in the market, successful companies are continually shaping … Continue reading Position…or Be Positioned