The Discomfort of Strategy

“If you are not genuinely pained by the risk involved in your strategic choices, it’s not much of a strategy.” Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix Think you have a tough group of competitors to deal with? Take a look at this list and see if you’d like to trade: Walmart, Amazon, Blockbuster and Apple. Any … Continue reading The Discomfort of Strategy

In Data We Trust

Real-time data is becoming more common in a variety of areas, which has the potential to significantly impact the way we do business. This past week, I had the opportunity to chat with Matt Egan, writer for, on a story he wrote entitled, “NFL Tackles Real-Time Sales Data.” The article describes a new technology just … Continue reading In Data We Trust

The Art of Strategy

British artist Damien Hirst has his fans and his critics. What can’t be argued is his ability to differentiate himself and his work through a well-conceived strategy that has jolted the business world of art. While his art works such as “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living,” featuring a shark … Continue reading The Art of Strategy

Devo Differentiates It Good!

If you’ve ever dreamt of men wearing red flower pots on their heads, you’ve probably seen a Devo video. Harken back to 1980 and their hit “Whip It,” and you can see and hear why they stood out from the crowd. Fast forward to present day and they’re still standing out, sans flower pots. In … Continue reading Devo Differentiates It Good!

Innovation’s Unforced Errors

One of the top issues on senior executive’s agendas is the quest to inject a bolus dose of innovation into their businesses in order to meet continually demanding growth objectives. Innovation can have the positive results of differentiation, productivity and neutralizing a competitor’s advantage. Unfortunately, research has shown that the most common result of innovation … Continue reading Innovation’s Unforced Errors

Innovation = New Value

The topic of innovation can send people in a lot of different directions. Perhaps the simplest definition of innovation is “something that provides new value to customers.” When we think about innovation as providing new value, it opens up a world of opportunities to us. And customers can be both external and internal. So innovation … Continue reading Innovation = New Value

The Challenges of Thinking Strategically

What stops us from thinking strategically? During the past ten years, I’ve asked thousands of managers from around the world this question and their strategy challenges can be grouped into three areas: #1.  Resources—most people simply don’t have enough time to get things done and in many cases, the organization doesn’t support people taking time … Continue reading The Challenges of Thinking Strategically