Feed Your Business

For those of you with pets, here’s an experiment. Try feeding them just once this year. Before you call PETA, hear me out. Our yellow lab “Breeze” moves into the kitchen around dinner time and lays her head down, perfectly portraying the pity of a dog needing her food. And each night right around 6 … Continue reading Feed Your Business

Developing Strategic Thinking Habits

We are the sum of our actions. Each day, we choose to do some things and not others. Over time, the actions we continually repeat become habits. Some are productive habits and others not so much. The following strategic thinking infographic outlines how to create positive strategy habits to driver your business success.  

Stop Firefighting and Start Leading

One of the most destructive habits in business is the fire drill. You know the scene: Frank the fireman fires off an email alarming the group to an urgent issue about a new competitor activity, anxious customer request or the next internal flavor-of-the-month initiative. This sets off a chain reaction of emails, teleconferences and meetings … Continue reading Stop Firefighting and Start Leading