About Strategy For You

Think back on your life and how you arrived at where you are today. Did you envision where you wanted to be and then map out a strategy for getting there? Or, have you bounced around like a bumper car from one thing to the next? New research shows that only 15% of adults have a written plan for their life. But what if you believe that you have more to offer? Much more.

In Strategy for You, world-­renowned business strategist Rich Horwath provides a five-step plan for building a bridge to the life you want. Using the foundational principles of business strategy, he lays out the five steps you can take to create a more fulfilling and successful life:

1. DISCOVER: Uncover your purpose through insight.

2. DIFFERENTIATE: Identify your unique strengths.

3. DECIDE: Allocate your resources.

4. DESIGN: Develop your action plan.

5. DRIVE: Execute your plan.

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Strategy for You gives you the opportunity to maximize your true potential at work and at home. Are you ready to build a bridge to the life you want?

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