Partnering on Facilitation and Planning:

  • Facilitation of strategy conversations with your executive leadership team, cross-functional groups, and board of directors to enhance collaboration and set strategic direction.
  • Developing your leadership team’s strategy skills during workshops and offsite sessions led by an expert strategy facilitator.
  • Leadership through all or part of the Deep Dive Strategy Process that is customized for your business.
  • Development of a two-page StrategyPrint, or blueprint for your business, that can be used by leaders at all levels.
  • A refresh of your strategy development process to simplify it and make it more actionable.

The Deep Dive Strategy Process

Strategy Development Graphic
  • Designate the team.
  • Select the process.
  • Collect intelligence on market, customers, competitors and the company.
  • Complete the Strategy Survey.
  • Educate the strategy team.
  • Schedule strategic thinking session.
  • Develop the workshop flow.
  • Identify the strategic thinking models.
  • Lead the workshop.
  • Post-workshop review of models.
  • Identify the strategic plan format.
  • Transform insights into the plan.
  • Develop visuals to communicate the plan.
  • Review the plan with leadership.
  • Modify the plan.
  • Create rollout plan.
  • Secure the necessary resources.
  • Assign accountability for initiatives.
  • Communicate the plan.
  • Monitor strategy with metrics.
  • Schedule strategy tune-up sessions.
  • Determine the agenda.
  • Update strategic plan weekly.
  • Conduct strategy tune-up sessions.
  • Monitor the process.

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Case Study:
Development of Strategic Thinking & Planning Process


Technology Company, 4,200 employees


Company did not have a consistent thinking and planning process in place and the quality of strategy differed dramatically across the organization. Desire was to create a uniform strategic thinking and planning process for the organization while at the same time, build the strategic thinking skills of its mid- and senior-level managers.

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White Paper:
3 Keys to a Successful Strategy Off-Site Meeting

Nearly 9 out of 10 executives believe that their leadership meetings are not strategic or productive. Learn the 3 keys to facilitating a successful strategy session with your executive leadership team.

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